Brooke and Adam Fish 

Hello. We are Brooke and Adam; the loving parents of two boys, Jude 10 and Liam 7. After the birth of our first son, Brooke struggled with depression and feeling like she wasn’t good enough. Laundry piled high, dishes needed to be done and sleep was nowhere in sight. She was overwhelmed, sleep deprived and emotional. Who wouldn’t be? Nothing prepares us for the journey of parenting. It is the hardest, most rewarding job in the world and while there are a million and one books about it, they all say something different.

We have a new message for mamas… YOU ARE ENOUGH! The journey is long and hard, but you can do it! We created Fresh BiB out of a desire to encourage new mamas and hopefully make them laugh a little too. We design each of our gift boxes with motherhood in mind. Nothing you don’t need and everything you do – done simply.

We combined our degrees in Fashion Design and Photography, along with our past career experiences, and self-awarded Parenting Survival trophy to create eco-friendly gift boxes that contain stylish bandana bibs, teething accessories and more. Fresh BiB is a one-stop gift shop that makes stellar gift giving just a click away. Delivering goodies for you and your baby straight to your crib. Worry and hassle free. That’s fresh.

As parents of two boys, we are fully aware that baby accessories can’t solve sleep deprivation, take the 3 am feeding shift or change diapers – but, Fresh BiB can deliver cool baby items to your doorstep, while providing a dose of fun and encouragement in every box. Grab your Fresh BiB and get on with mommyhood. Adventure awaits.

photo by J. Schertzer

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