Our Bandana Bibs for Babies


Everything in baby world has evolved over the last 50 years. Everything except bibs. We aim to change that and provide our customers with baby bibs that are fresh and fun; not stale and boring like day old toast.

100% cotton

We don’t think anything but pure cotton should be touching your baby’s soft sensitive skin. Our bandana bibs are made of 100% cotton. Always.

Snap Closure

Our snaps keep your baby’s bibs where they belong- and it’s not the floor. Plastic snaps won’t irritate sensitive baby skin or get hot in the sun or the dryer; so you don’t have to worry about burns. And plastic snaps won’t rust in the wash. Our promise to you is simple… No velcro wrestling battles or rusty metal snaps ever. You and your laundry can thank us later.

Made in the USA

We believe in thriving communities and supporting local businesses. That’s why our baby bandana bibs are ethically produced right around the corner from our offices in Dallas, Texas. Yee-haw, y’all.

Cotton Tag

We kept our logo simple so the tag won’t overpower our bibs or get in your baby’s way. Besides, its not about who makes the bib, but how it makes life better for you.

Green Stitching

Our version of the clouds that have their oh-so popular silver linings. Fresh BiB’s signature green stitch is our little reminder to you that each day is a fresh new start.


All of our bandana bibs are made with not one, but TWO stylish fabric options for the price of one. Just one more way we make things better.

A collection of our bandana bibs for babies.
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