Fresh BiB charges will register on your credit card as Fresh BiB, LLC.


For monthly subscribers, we will continue to send bibs to you every month until you cancel your subscription.

To cancel, simply send us an email at letting us know that you wish to cancel your subscription.

Please include your name, subscription type, and the address where you receive your bibs so that we can be sure to cancel only your subscription and not any others that you may have bought for a friend.

We will stop sending bibs the month immediately following your cancellation request.


We are happy to accept the return of any unworn product that is defective, damaged during shipping, or otherwise damaged due to no fault of your own. We’ll send a replacement bib pronto.

If a bib doesn’t fit, we are happy to refund your money and cancel your subscription. We have tried our best to ensure that our bibs are a one size fits most. Having said that, “most” doesn’t mean “all”. In the rare case that your bib does not fit your little, please send all non-fitting bibs to:

Fresh BiB
10315 Robindale Dr.
Dallas, TX 75238

Upon receipt of the old bib, we’ll send out your replacement bib and won’t charge you for shipping. Worn bibs will never be sent to another customer! We’ll wash and donate the old bibs to a worthy cause.

Because of the intimate nature of wearing bibs, we cannot accept returns of any products that have been worn.

We do not accept returns for unworn bibs simply because that month’s design is too crazy or not your favorite color. Part of the fun of Fresh BiB is that each month’s bib is a surprise! Remember, they make great gifts too.


We are happy to refund the cost of any order made in error, as long as we haven’t already shipped your bib. For example, if you accidentally order two subscriptions and only wanted one subscription, we’re happy to cancel the second subscription and refund your money. If we’ve already shipped the bib for the second subscription, we’ll cancel any future bibs for the cancelled subscription but cannot refund the cost of the bibs that have already shipped. (They make great gifts, remember?)

For “pay once” subscribers, we can issue refunds up to 90 days after the original purchase date for undelivered months remaining on the subscription.  After 90 days, we are unable to issue any refunds.

We do not refund the cost of bibs that you have received and simply don’t like. See our Returns Policy for more details on how we’ll take care of those situations.

We do not refund shipping costs for any packages that have already shipped.

Delivery and Shipping Policy:

We ship in the United States via USPS and internationally to every country that USPS offers delivery.

We are unable to provide tracking information for international shipments.

We charge a flat $10.00 for each order we ship, except in the situations described in our Returns Policy.

Our shipping charge is subject to change at any time.

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