As most moms do, we have in our minds the perfect birthing experience for our babes. Everything from at home pool births to hospital and epidural, there is no one size fits all. But what we know for sure is how we would like things to happen. It’s our “birthing plan” and we begin planning with our doctors weeks/months in advance of the glorious day. So what happens when nothing goes according to your plan? What happens when you plan for a vaginal birth and end up having a c-section or when you plan for a vaginal birth but the baby is breech?  Over on our YouTube channel @_mommatters, we recently chatted with Mandy Castro and her husband Jason about their External Cephalic Version (EVC) – also known as “turning” a breech baby. If you have any questions for Mandy or Jason after watching the video, please ask in the comments section below and we will be sure to do a follow up Q&A or answer all of your questions in a video part two. We hope this video provides some answers and a little peace about this procedure if it happens to be in your future. xo

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